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We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about Sheppard Roofing.  The experienced owners and team members at Sheppard Roofing have been committed to excellence as residential and commercial roofing contractors delivering quality roofing and re-roofing services to property owners throughout the tri-state area since 1989.  As a property owner, you know that it takes more than quality design and materials alone to assure good results on any project.  Professional workmanship along with exceptional organizational skills have been key factors in Sheppard Roofing continually achieving success.

At Sheppard Roofing our main goal is to provide our customers with the best possible value for the least amount of money while exceeding expectations. We accomplish this by providing state of the art equipment, high quality materials, skilled labor, and qualified supervision of our crews. Our team members pay particular attention to detail and we're willing to go above and beyond to make sure you, the customer, are completely satisfied with every job we do for you whether big or small.

We at Sheppard Roofing firmly believe that using only high quality products, provided by reputable distributors, and professionally installed by qualified technicians result in growth and longevity for our company. We are a company committed to safe work practices and maintain a drug-free workplace and our professionally trained technicians are easily recognized by their uniforms.  We pride ourselves on complete customer satisfaction and our commitment to quality will be a priority on your project.

Sheppard Roofing is always looking for new ways to promote a GREEN workplace.  As roofing professionals, we are proud that we use local material-specific dump sites for recyclable materials such as asphalt shingle, all metal products, rubber products and any product that we remove from your roof or debris from our new installations.  Sheppard Roofing has taken the OWENS CORNING PREFERRED CONTRACTOR SHINGLE RECYCLING PLEDGE.  We also use approved Energy Star™ products on all applicable installations as we are aware of the need to save energy locally and globally.

We at Sheppard Roofing strive to consistantly use products made right here in the USA.  We believe that products made in the USA are constructed with a higher standard of quality control.  And by utilizing these products, we not only support other American businesses, we also reduce the environmental impact resulting from the transportation and distribution of these products.  This is better for our economy, better for our environment and better for our customers.

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