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Learn from the professional on how to maintain, repair and choose your roof.
Repair or Replace?
August 8, 2012

Do you know that the National Roofing Contractors Association suggests inspecting your roof TWICE each year?  If you do, then you are one of very few property owners that do!  And do you know that banks will not make a home loan without first having a roof inspection?  Yes, a thorough roof inspection is THAT IMPORTANT!

So, now you that you know, when was the last time you had your roof inspected by a professionally trained, clean and courteous Roofing Specialist?  A thorough roof inspection performed by one of our trained roof specialists could save you thousands of dollars and countless hours of aggravation.  Any age roof can leak, and more than not, it takes some time for water stains to show in your property.  Often, by the time you notice the signs of a leak, it has already caused serious damage.

Consider this...for signs of a roof leak to show up in your property, the water must first pass through all of the following materials before you realize the problem even exists:

  • Through your roofing system (shingles, modified bitumen, tile, etc...)
  • Through your underlayment (installed between roof decking and roofing system)
  • Past your decking (usually plywood)
  • Then saturate up to 12 inches of insulation in your attic or crawl space
  • Finally soaking through your drywall (ceiling or walls) where you can actually see it

What's even worse, many times water will leak within the wall cavity, sometimes for years, before you realize the problem exists!  As the water travels through your roof and property, it creates damage along the way.  It could be rotting your property's structure; micro-organisms may have begun developing in your attic or crawl space and behind your walls and ceiling, which can create a serious health risk for you.  This can result in major damages that could have easily been prevented from happening in the first place by having a thorough roof inspection performed by one of our Sheppard Roofing Roof Specialists.

Just take a moment and think of how many heavy rain storms, snow storms and high winds your roof must suffer each year.  Now multiply this by the age of your roof.  Get the picture?!  Without on-going maintenance and ocassional small repairs being made, your roof will not last or provide the protection that it was intended to provide.  Contact Sheppard Roofing today to schedule your roof inspection and give yourself the peace of mind knowing that your roof is in tip top shape!

Peace of Mind
August 8, 2012

Wouldn't you like to have the peace of mind knowing that your roof is ready to protect you from whatever Mother Nature sends your way?  How about never climbing that ladder to clean your gutters again?

Every year, we'll climb up on your roof and into your attic to ensure that your roof is providing you with the maximum protection for your home.  Plus, we'll take bird's eye view photos so you can see for yourself!  Join The Overhead Care Club today and you too can enjoy the following Roof Care Advantages:

  • 21-Point Roof Check Up - A $129 Value!: The true strength of your roof can't be seen from the street.  We'll look at things from the inside to ensure your safety, and we'll inspect the 21 most critical components of your roof.
  • Skylight Cleaning - A $99 Value!: Let your light in!  While we inspect your roof, we'll clean your skylights so you don't have to.
  • Large Debris Removal - A $79 Value: Sticks and large debris on your roof are unsightly and destructive.  Don't climb up there and put yourself at risk!  We'll do it for you (up to 100 sq. ft. of roof)
  • Clean Gutters! - A $339 Value!: We'll Clean up to 150 ft. of your gutters so you don't have to climb that ladder and put yourself at risk.

As a Club member you'll also receive a Priority Guaranteed Appointment, which means that when you need help, you'll move to the front of the line and we'll be there to serve you within 24 hours of your call.  And if your roof does indeed need help, you'll receive an exclusive Members-only 10% Repair Discount!

As a Club member, you receive all these value-added services along with the confidence of knowing that the roofing expert we send to your home is professionally trained and drug-free.  Contact Sheppard Roofing today to learn more about how for pennies a day (LESS than the cost of a cup of coffee!) you can receive all the benefits of a Club member!

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